Today in History: Spy Service Rewarded With Ambassadorship 1

Following his tour in the US, Havana assigned career DI Officer Felix Wilson Hernandez as the Cuban Consul General to the Bahamas.Wilson was aided by two other diplomats. Only four nations are represented in the Bahamas resident diplomatic corps – the US, China, Haiti, and Cuba. In 2005, Havana upgraded its consulate to an embassy and appointed Wilson as its first Ambassador to the Bahamas. He presented his credentials to Bahamas’ Governor-General on November 10, 2005. He retained this post for two years.

Cuban Ambassador Felix Wilson Hernandez

Editor’s Note:  The Directorate of Intelligence (DI) is the name used by the foreign intelligence service within the Ministry of the Interior.


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  1. The Cuban government is interested in Bahamas because of their geographical position which is close to the east Coast of US and also for the tourism in the Island which provide the communists there the opportunity to collect information on the tourists as well as recruiting tourists that suit their needs.

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