Ambassador-Spy Condemns US Embargo 3

Managua, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations, as a court of conscience of the peoples, offered US President Barack Obama the chance to rectify a criminal policy against Cuba, said Cuban Ambassador to Nicaragua, Eduardo Martinez Borbonet. With a record voting, the UN General Assembly approved yesterday a resolution demanding the end of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the Cuban people for over fifty years.  In remarks to local and foreign journalists here, Martinez said that very few topics arouse so much unity and consensus as the blockade within the UN. This time, the 21th, a total of 188 countries demand its cessation, he noted.

The voting at the UN, a week after Obama’s re-election, can be understood as a chance for him to score merits and really deserve the Nobel Peace Prize that he was undeservedly awarded, said the Cuban diplomat, who appreciated Nicaragu’s vertical (sic), firm, brave stand in its condemnation of the blockade, and noted that the US president also failed to keep his promise to change the policy towards Latin America. Martinez said that Obama also has the historic opportunity to rectify the illegal harsh sentences given to The Cuban Five –five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters in the United States for monitoring Miami-based terrorist anti-Cuban groups.  Twenty consecutive UN resolutions would suffice to convince anyone that the blockade is a failed policy, but the Empire is stubborn; hence the peoples’ latest reminder, said Martinez.



  1. Criticism of the US embargo published by Prensa Latina lacks any influence and any power of persuasion since it is known that this news agency is the mouthpiece of the Cuban communist government and it is controlled and manipulated by the all pervasive MININT. The same is true for Cuban ambassador, Eduardo Martínez Borbonet, a known MININT operative and for Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, a lifetime ally of the Castro regime.

    Had the criticism come from a respectable news agency or an influential newspaper, from some commentator not known for his or her subservience or affiliation to the Castro regime or from a leading statesman, it could have caused doubts in the minds of the readers about the wisdom of the US policy toward Cuba. It would have been a good example of “active measures”, one major disinformation exercise practiced by communist espionage agencies.

    What I have stated is also valid in respect to a well known sad figure of the MININT, the Guatemalan former MININT spy, Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy and his blog Descubriendo Verdades. Percy is trying to peddle his chicken feed to each and everyone, even to Cuba Confidential, in the hope that some naive reader will take it hook, line and sinker. As a former spy for the MININT he can´t cause doubts even in the minds of kindergarten toddlers and if the Cuban media gives his hogwash so much relevance he should not delude himself. The MININT knows how to force Cuban journalists toe the official line. I was born and educated up to the age of 26 under a communist dictatorship and know what I am saying and after the downfall of Communism in Eastern Europe there were so many revelations that the whole system was laid bare to its smallest detail before the eyes of hundreds of millions of citizens.

    Anyway, the UN General Assembly resolution approved by 188 countries is not binding and next year there will be another voting and more similar declarations by Castro´s undercover agents and political allies.

    Sergio Klein
    Nov. 15, 2012

  2. This is the mother of arrogance.”rectify the crime against Cuba?”Why don’t the US Government rectify Bay of Pigs and invade the island and kick the Living Hell out of the Castro Brothers and their gang? I’m all for that!

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