Today in History: Police Raid Exposed Cuban Ties to Honduran Guerillas 1

November 17, 1981:  Police raided a Tegucigalpa safe house of the Honduran Front for Popular Liberation (FHLP). Documents seized there revealed that the Nicaraguan Sandinistas created the FHLP and established its headquarters in Managua. FHLP members received their military training in both Nicaragua and Cuba. In a similar fashion, other Honduran guerrilla groups involved in aircraft hijackings and hostage-takings during the early 1980s received sanctuary in Cuba.


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  1. The Castro-communism has been a catalyst against democracy for its support of Guerrillas in El Salvador ,Guatemala,Honduras and Africa, as well as the Caribbean.The Spanish Terrorist Group ETA is based in the
    Island of Cuba.The Cuban Government has a lot of responsibility for the Actual situation in Israel because the
    Castro-communist agents has trained Palestinian terrorist groups to fight Israeli troops.Since Castro took power
    in January 1rst 1959,the policy of its Communist Government has been of hostility towards Democracy,towards
    the Cuban people and the United States of America.

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