Today in History: Cuban Intelligence Targeted Minnesota Business Leaders & Students 2

November 24-26, 1997:  Johanna Tablada and Felix Wilson, spy-diplomats assigned to the Cuban Interests Section, met with business executives and college students in Minnesota.  During their first night, the Cubans attended a dinner meeting with executives from 11 Minnesota companies, including several of the state’s biggest corporations. Hosted by Minneapolis lawyer Larry Koslow, the business dinner reviewed the economic situation in Cuba and nurtured non-binding business deals to commence after the embargo ends. During the following two days, Tablada spoke with students at the University of Minnesota.



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  2. The Cuban Government always has tried to create a way around around the embargo and they will do everything to try to get what they want,at the same time they blame the poverty and the mismanagement of their country to the embargo.The Cuban espionage interest in American colleges is that they will look to recruit people within the college campuses of the US that in the future will help the Cuban Government to move forward their agenda.Their base of recruitment are people that are studying careers that will help them to be in a position to influence Cuban politics within the US Government such as Congressmen,diplomats,immigration agents,lawyers,High ranking employees within the US department of defense,the pentagon,etc.This is the real reason why the Cubans are so interested in our Colleges and Universities.

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