Nearly 80 Ladies in White Arrested 1

From Capitol Hill Cubans

Yesterday, the Castro regime has violently arrested nearly 80 members of the peaceful pro-democracy group, The Ladies in White. Forty-five of them were beaten and arrested as they marched down Havana’s Quinta Avenida, pursuant to attending Mass. Among those arrested is Havana was the leader of The Ladies in White, Berta Soler, as well as, Magalis Norvis, Caridad Peinado, Belkis Pérez Pérez, Amparo Milagros, Donaris Martín, Olga L. Torres, Lisandra Farray, Malbey Glez, Aimé Moya, Tatiana López, Aimé García Leiva, Aniuska Fuente, Sandra Guerra, Belki Cantillo, Aime Garcel and Vivian Pena.

Another twelve Ladies in White were arrested in the eastern province of Holguin.

Among those arrested in Holguin were Bárbara Pausa, Gertrudis Ojeda, Berta Herrero, Segura Liliana Campos, Marlene Abreu, Griseldis Peña, Romelia Piña, Nelda Molina, Mercy Glez, Noemí C Hidalgo.

Also, sixteen we arrested in Santiago de Cuba, five in Pinar del Rio and one is missing in the Matanzas province.

And in a touch of cynicism, Castro’s state security announced they were arrested for “not respecting the grief of the Cuban people over Chavez’s health.”

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  1. We must Understand that the leaders of the Castro regime are feeling that the end is coming and they are increasing their repression of all those who are advocating the cause of freedom to which the Castro Government opposes,they are not going to leave power through transition because they know they have a bloody past and present.None of the Military leaders who are in power with Raul are going to leave so easy.They will try to eliminate the opposition.

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