Today in History: Cuban-Backed Rebels Infiltrated Paraguay 1

December 11, 1959:  Entering from neighboring Argentina, Cuban-supported leftist rebels led an uprising. Quickly crushed by Paraguayan forces, government officials subsequently charged Havana with having provided the guerillas an estimated $100,000 to $200,000 in financial support (figures in 1959 dollars).


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  1. The Cuban Government from its beginning,tried to subvert American Interests in Latino America.In 1959-1960,the Cuban Government was very active in Venezuela,Panama,Haiti,Dominican Republic,Guatemala and later on El Salvador in which the Soviet Union Invested millions of rubles through Cuba to try to Subvert this country.Argentina for the most,always had a Socialist Tendency,unlike Paraguay who’s people tendency have always leaned to the right .We must not forget that Alfredo Strossner the president of Paraguay was extremely anti communist who’s father Hugo Strossner was a German from Bavaria who immigrated tho Paraguay and Participated in the war of El Chaco in South America and he was not going to tolerate any communist influence in his country.Castro’s Intelligence services the former America department and the DI,former DGI had patiently work to subvert Latin America,first with the help of the Soviets and then by themselves,they kept probing Venezuela for decades until finally they got away with what they wanted,the installation of a Proxy government who’s following the Cuban Political Trend.Hugo Chavez like Castro at first denied that he was a communist and Chavez like Castro took power of this country by force,was it a mere coincidence?Of course not.The Chavez advent was due to decades of subversion, intelligence work and disinformation created by the Communist Cuban America Department and DI. Castro was going to create a Unified Communist Latin America and actually Chavez is trying to follow Castro’s Doctrine.Paraguay was only the beginning of decades of terror,guerrilla movements inspired by Cuba and war.

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