Today in History: Cuba & Czechoslovakia Began Bilateral Intelligence Operation 1

By 1962, intelligence cooperation already existed between Cuba and Czechoslovakia. Prague’s primary assistance was aiding selected Latin Americans in their covert travels to and from Cuba. The supported groups were Latin American personnel who went to Cuba for military, political, and intelligence training. Over time, Havana also requested Prague’s help in the assessment of the participants in Havana’s training. The integration of the screening, cover support, and logistical help became known as Operation Manuel. This operation began on December 17, 1962. Collaboration continued to escalate, which prompted the respective Intelligence Chiefs to meet in March 1964 to review the scope of the relationship. The two allies agreed to increased intelligence cooperation without the need for a written agreement. As evidence of Operation Manuel’s success, Czech Intelligence assessed 636 Latin American revolutionaries in Prague by April 30, 1966.


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  1. Of course,we must not forget that most of the early weapons of the Cuban Army came from Czechoslovakia as well as many guerrilla groups that were introduced in South and Central America came from Czechoslovakia among them Che Guevara.

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