Today in History: DI Spy Participated in Sister City Event 2

December 18, 1999:  Directorate of Intelligence (DI) Officer and Interests Section Third Secretary Alejandro Pila Alfonso was one of two Cuban Interests Sections officials who participated in the third meeting of the Havana-DC Sister City Committee. Also among the 10 committee members participating were a representative of the Venceremos Brigade and two members of Pastors for Peace. According to former DI officers, the spy service has successfully recruited agents from the membership of both groups. Given his absence from the US State Department’s quarterly Diplomatic Roster, Pila was most likely temporarily assigned to the Interests Section. 

The Havana-DC Sister City committee subsequently agreed at its January 2000 meeting to discuss meeting in Havana with the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and a representative from the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party.

Editor’s Note: For a concise summary of ICAP’s collaboration with Cuban Intelligence, see the July 5th posting, “Spy Surrogate to Host “Free the Five” Symposium:”



  1. We all know that the Venceremos Brigade was created with the mean of recruiting sympathizers mainly Americans,where they were taken to Cuba and the communists show them the Best places,where common Cuban can not visit,they cut sugar cane and they were indoctrinated in thinking that things like the embargo was cruel and other things.Many of this useful idiots went as far as participating in Action with guerrilla groups in Central and South American.The ICAP without a doubt is an organization created by the Castro Communism with the mean of recruiting non-Cubans,mainly South Americans and Central Americans,the Personnel was DI Personnel and America Department personnel,there was a Cuban Actor named Sergio Corrieri know for the Cuban TV episodes “EN SILENCIO HA TENIDO QUE SER” where he played the role of a DI Agent which infiltrated the CIA and played the role of superhero in those episodes,he in real life was the director of the ICAP For years and he was a DI agent.

    The Cuban Merchant Marine is another Organization which served as an Espionage Organization,the Cuba Merchant Marine
    will inform the tyranny of any Traffic in the Caribbean Sea and if there are Cubans leaving the Island,most of their Ship have very potent Communication and espionage radio systems,besides also participating in the traffic of Weapons to Guerrilla groups such as the FARC,the Now extinct Salvadorean Farabundo Marti,etc.

  2. The Cuban ICRT the Institute of TV (actors) is full with DI Personnel,why?Simply because when they go abroad they freely collect information to bring to their respective agencies without no one suspecting because they are actors.Every mayor Cuban Organization is a tool of the Cuban DI,The UJC,the FEEM,the FEU.All those Organizations are full with Agents.The case of the FEEM (College students) and the FEU (University students) are also filled with with DI Personnel.Believe or not something as minimal a the Cuban Pioneros (pioneers) Elementary school kids,in this Organization the teachers are members od the DI or DCI,Why because their responsibility is to cultivate and instill in kids communist ideology so in the future they become DI Agents or MININT Personnel.The teachers also weed out the Kids they see don’t have any interest in serving the communists,those kids are from an early age secluded from any future opportunity simply because their parents refuse to teache them the tenets of The Marxist Communism.
    The Cuban INDER Which Control the sports is also believe or not controlled by communists which create a snitch base in athletes where these athletes will never feel safe knowing that the player next to him or her could be am informant.The main objective is to exert he great control possible upon the masses.

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