‘Chavez Death Plot Agent’ Deported 4

(Belfast Telegraph)  Venezuela has deported a man they described as a French intelligence agent who was jailed for alleged involvement in a plot to assassinate President Hugo Chavez. The minister of prisons, Iris Varela, announced the expulsion of Frederic Laurent Bouquet in a Twitter message. Ms Varela said Mr Bouquet was arrested on June 18 2009, and confessed that he came to Venezuela to assassinate Mr Chavez. She said he was caught with weapons. She offered no other details on the case. It was unclear if the man was ever formally charged. Ms Varela did not say where Mr Bouquet was being sent. She said only that he was being deported under a law that allows the government to expel anyone who threatens Venezuela’s security. A photo that accompanied Ms Varela’s tweet showed a handcuffed man wearing a bullet-proof vest and being escorted by police.



  1. I believe this all communist propaganda to deter the public attention from other social problems,Castro,the Cuban dictator was always insinuating at one time or other that someone was caught trying to kill him. Venezuela is a carbon copy of the Cuban Dictatorship.

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