Castro Apologist Seeks Obama Support For Cuban Five 2

Letter to Obama: Alan Gross not a “hostage”

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Below is the text of an open letter from Canadian journalist Steven Kimber to President Barack Obama. He is writing a book called, “What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five.”


Honorable Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

Washington DC 20500


Dear President Obama,

This is my first ever letter to an American president. That’s not just because I’m not an American citizen. I’m also a journalist, and journalists are not in the habit of writing letters to heads of governments.

But having spent the past three years researching the case of the Cuban Five, I believe I have an obligation to write to you.

The fact is American journalism hasn’t done a very good job of explaining to the American public the case of the five Cuban intelligence agents who have been incarcerated in the U.S. since 1998. As a result, your administration has mostly managed to avoid dealing with the issue at all or, when forced to comment, responding with the tired, rote rhetoric of the Cold War era.

But the case of the Cuban Five has recently been brought back into the public spotlight because of Alan Gross, the USAID subcontractor currently serving a 15-year jail term in Cuba for bringing satellite communication equipment into that country.

The media reporting of his case has been equally problematic, mostly parroting your own State Department line that Gross is a “humanitarian” who was arrested while trying to help Havana’s tiny Jewish community communicate with the outside world, and is now being held “hostage” by Havana.

You know that’s not true. So, of course, should the media. After all, it was Desmond Butler, a foreign affairs reporter for the Associated Press—a news agency subscribed to by most American media and unlikely ever to be mistaken for a tool of the Cuban regime—who documented the facts of the case.

Alan Gross was “paid a half-million dollars” by USAID, your government’s “democracy promoting” agency, to smuggle sophisticated communications equipment into Cuba. That technology included Internet satellite phones capable of avoiding detection and spy-quality SIM cards “most frequently” used by the Defense Department and the CIA.

The goal of all of this was not to assist Cuba’s Jewish community communicate, as your government has insisted (the Jewish community already had Internet connectivity) but to promote regime change—to overthrow the government of Cuba.

Gross’s own reports make clear he knew he was engaged in “very risky business” and that discovery of what he was up to “will be catastrophic.”

That said, Alan Gross’s family and friends, not surprisingly, want him freed.

Just as the Cubans want the Five—who are considered national heroes in their homeland—freed.

Your government’s unblinking response has been that there is simply “no equivalence.” The Cubans were trained intelligence agents convicted of trying to steal military secrets and conspiracy to murder four innocent civilians killed in the shootdown of two unarmed Brothers to the Rescue aircraft in 1996. By contrast, the American argument goes, Alan Gross was just a humanitarian do-gooder.

We now know Alan Gross was much more than that.

Story continues here:



  1. What we need to do or those Americans with dignity need to do is to publish the real reason why the five spies were prosecuted,let show Mr Kimber that these “five heroes” were part of a Cuban government operation to jeopardize our
    democracy and to steal our secrets and to find weak points in our Military bases were they will be able to infiltrate this
    rats to steal our secrets to later on sell those secrets to nations that are enemies of our Nation.

    We need to show Mr Kimber,the reality. We need to show the media the real “5 heroes”. We need to show the media that,these “5 heroes”Were Cuban Intelligence Officers of the DI,which were trained from 5 to 7 years in the art of Espionage
    to Infiltrate our country besides they are also indoctrinated into the tenets of Marxism-leninism,to turn them into Monsters capable of doing everything to defend the rotten cause of communism and whatever their tyrannic leader ask them to do.We are not talking about sympathizers,We are talking about,TRAINED SPIES!,after all.I have to agree with Mr Kimber on one thing,there has not been enough media coverage about the five spies. This is the reason why the Cuban communist lies have spread over the years through the media.The stories American normally hear on TV were manipulated from the thinking heads in Havana and spread by the American communist left.Let begin by publishing the real story about these “5 Heroes”

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