Spy’s Mom Lobbies Peruvians for Release of Cuban 5 2

Cuba’s Prensa Latina (PRELA) has reported that Irma Sehwerert, mother of convicted Castro spy Rene Gonzalez, is visiting Peru. In Lima, she continues her outreach to Peruvian entities and personalities to publicize her version of her son’s espionage career. Predictably, she also lobbied on behalf of the remaining Cuban 5, more specifically, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez and Antonio Guerrero.

Irma Sehwerert and other Cuban officials were received at the Congress by legislator Sergio Tejada, of the ruling bloc Gana Peru. There she and pro-Castro allies “presented information on the case of the Five and the need to intensify the international pressure campaign so that U.S. President Barack Obama grants them a pardon,” according to PRELA. The Cuban 5 were arrested on September 12, 1998, after years of espionage efforts against the United States and Florida’s Cuban-American community.



  1. The Communist do not know what to do and where to get support to try to get their garbage (5 spies) out of prison.They have already realize that the exchange for Alan Gross is not happening so they are trying a more clever approach.The problem is that the whole entire world already know in reality who are the 5 spies. Why don’t Peru help us to advocate for freedom in Cuba?Why don’t the whole entire world advocate for human rights in the island and for free elections and the release of the
    political prisoners? It is shameful that a dictator has been ruling a nation with an iron fist for 54 years and the world turn their
    faces the other way?Gaddafi and Mummarak are long gone,but the dinosaur of the Caribbean he is still ruling Cuba.

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