Salvadorans Allegedly Rally for Cuban 5 1

Havana’s Prensa Latina (PRELA), long-known for its collaboration with Cuba’s Intelligence services, is reporting a Cuban 5 rally occurred in the Salvadoran town of Izalco (west of the capital of San Salvador). The gathering allegedly consisted of “political, religious and solidarity organizations.” According to Havana, “before the demonstration, a religious ceremony was held on the street to demand the release of the Cuban Five and pray for the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Protesters also demanded an end to the blockade against Cuba for more than fifty years by the U.S.”

PRELA cited its information source as the “Salvadorian Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba.” The date and time of the event was not disclosed. Likewise, a photo was not provided nor was information on the size of the crowd. In fact, the only mention of attendees was a statement that unspecified members of the local Mayor’s office attended, as did former guerillas with the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN).


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  1. Prensa Latina is reporting this event? Prensa Latina is a Espionage entity in service to the Cuban communist government.The town of Izalco during the Salvadorean civil war was a town that used to support the communist Guerrilla FSLN. This town of Izalco was the same area where most of the fighting took place during this war and it is understandable why the Communists have that many supporters in this particular area.If the Cuban Government is so Interested in a Prisoner ex-change,why don’t they ex-change the Cuban Officers and pilots that were involved in the Shot down of the Brother to the rescue airplanes?. Send us,General Ruben Martinez Puente(The General in charge of the shot down,The (Retired) Lt Colonel Lorenzo Alberto Perez Perez and his Brother LT Colonel Francisco Perez Perez and the Spy Juan Pablo Roque This is the only way this trade will be fair but of course the Communists rather trade an innocent man Alan Gross for the 5 Spies but, IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

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