Breaking News: Cuban Ambassador Makes “Off-the-Record” Appearance at “Target-Rich” University 3

Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez is currently scheduled to be at Georgetown University from noon through two p.m. to speak at the Ambassador Series, hosted by the school’s Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS). Georgetown is a longtime target of Cuban Intelligence, a fact documented by well-respected Directorate of Intelligence (DI) defector Jose Cohen in his 2002 publication, El Servicio de Inteligencia Castrista y la Comunidad Academica Norteamericana (See:
el-servicio-de-inteligencia-castrista-y-la-comunidad-academica-norteamericana). Havana regularly seeks opportunities to “spot and assess” sympathetic individuals from among Georgetown’s students to develop the next generation of “penetration” agents within the U.S. government.



  1. This is real,The Cuban DI targets our University looking for future influential figures who will be employed in positions within the government or positions that will control the outcome of US Policy which the DI consider important to continue their communist hegemony of their Communist Island.We must remember that Ana Montes was recruited by the Cuban DI when she began to express her feelings for the communist cause and the Cuban embargo.

    The Cuban DI is also interested in College professors for the reasoning that professor have audiences who listen to them and some of those in the audience could become future spies.

    • La verdad que hay que desenmascarar al regimen Castrista y a todos los asesinos que los apoyan,el hombre es de honor.

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