Alan Gross: Boca Raton Jews Hope to Bring Cheer to Jailed Humanitarian 1

Boca Raton Jews to Visit Alan Gross

Trip planned to visit Alan Gross in Cuban prison

By: Marissa Bagg

BOCA RATON, Fla. – In Boca Raton, a small delegation is on a mission, determined to visit a Cuban prisoner. Alan Gross is an American Jew, jailed for bringing communication equipment to the Cuban community. He’s three years into a 15 year sentence, but some fear he may not survive. Members of the Boca Raton Synagogue learned of his plight last year. “He’s being kept in prison unjustly and there’s no evidence in the trial of the accusations against him,” says Rabbi Efrem Goldberg.

Rabbi Goldberg and Dan Kaskel want to do something about it. Gross described prison life in a recent interview with CNN. “We’re not allowed to see other people. I get to go outside every day during the day now. That’s an improvement, I didn’t see the sunlight for my first year and a half here,” says Gross.

Countless politicians have pleaded with the Cuban government to release Gross. But he remains in a cell. Now Kaskel and Rabbi Goldberg are working to visit him in person. “The Cuban government has been challenging to work with because we don’t have official diplomatic ties with Cuban,” says Kaskel. But that isn’t stopping them. In 60 days the United States has agreed to issue the group a permit to travel to Cuba. “The extended Jewish community is our family, and if this was our brother, father or son, we’d go to the ends of the earth to help him. We hope to give him energy and courage to get through everything until he is able to get released,” says Rabbi Goldberg.


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  1. Mr Goldberg,The Cuban tyranny does not need any evidence to imprison anyone,the Cuban Communist authorities will do it whenever they want.They edict the “ley de peligrosidad” to open doors to their corrupt system to arrest without evidence anyone they want at any given time. Unfortunately Mr Gross is the golden chip to their Cuban Captors,he has become political agenda for a exchange with the Cuban 5 and the Cuban authorities are going to pursuit this trade.The Cuban authorities are operating the same way they were teach by the former Soviet KGB.This practice was a common Soviet practice.

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