Spy-Poet Antonio Guerrero Releases Latest Book 2

The Cuban News Agency (ACN) has announced “La verdad me nombra” as the title of the latest poetry collection by convicted Wasp Network spy, Antonio Guerrero. The work debuts at this month’s Havana International Book Fair. “Compiled by poets Aitana Alberti and Alex Pausides and printed by the Capitan San Luis publishing house,” reports ACN, the poems allegedly date to Guerrero’s early incarceration, specifically September 1998-September 1999. ACN also noted that the work “includes vignettes by Gerardo Hernandez and a prologue by Rene Gonzalez….” Guerrero’s previous releases include Desde mi altura (Letras Cubanas, 2001) and Soledad para mis soledades (Coleccion Sur, 2011).


  1. This is ironic how a convicted communist spy who is spending time in prison for been an accomplice to murder is allowed to write poetry books and the prisoners in Cuba are deny of the most elemental human rights.This is good so the murderer Castro brothers once and for all see that in a free country even incarcerated prisoners have the right to express themselves unlike in Cuba where the prisoners languish in prison for long years beaten,poorly fed and tortured until they die.

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