Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez ‘fighting for his life’ 1 Venezuela’s vice president says ailing President Hugo Chavez is fighting for his life in a Caracas hospital. Nicolas Maduro, named by Chavez as his chosen successor, has admitted the severity of the Socialist leader’s condition. “Our Commander is sick because he gave his life for those who don’t have anything and never had anything. He’s battling for his life and for his health. And we are there with him,”he said. Chavez, believed to be suffering from cancer in his pelvic area, was re-elected in October for another six year term. His inauguration, scheduled for January 10, was delayed because of a trip to Cuba for surgery. Many believe he may now be sworn in from hospital in Caracas.

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  1. I always have said that Chavez took power due to Clinton appeasement policy towards the world,specially Latin America. The Minute Chavez staged his presidential coup,we should ha prevented and at this time weren’t have to be dealing with the Venezuelan dilemma and the Cuban take over of Venezuela.If Chavez dies,is going to be a crisis or a popular uprising,now the Question will be if we as a world leader are going to take action and bring stability to that region or are we going to be mere spectators?

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