This Year in History: Havana Shares Intelligence With Iraq on Forthcoming Allied Invasion 2

Winter 2002-2003: Cuban Intelligence collected against the forthcoming US-led mission known as Iraqi Freedom, which began on March 19, 2003. Their finished intelligence product, believed to be a compilation of information stolen by US-based assets, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) from the Military Intelligence site at Bejucal, Cuba, and in-depth historical analysis, was shared with the Saddam Hussein regime. After the air war commenced, Cuban personnel are believed to have visited the sites of allied missile and airstrikes to assess the accuracy and damage inflicted. As hostilities intensified, Cuba closed its Embassy and likely ceased sharing US secrets with Iraq.



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  2. Cuba has been for decades a terrorist and Espionage pirate nation that is willing to go to great length to make profit for any information their Intelligence could obtain legally or illegally.The Castro Regime has negotiate with the most radical anti- American regimes from Africa to the Middle East,their America Department was there.Castro also makes profit of all this dilemma,He has seen the Intelligence world as a Bargain,not only to get richer but also to remain in Power for the last 54 years.

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