Today in History: Bogota Severed Ties After Cuban-Supported Overthrow Attempt Failed 1

March 24, 1981: Colombia expelled Cuba’s entire diplomatic staff and severed relations after Havana was forced to confirm its involvement in a failed government overthrow by the urban guerrilla group, the 19th of April Movement (M-19).

Several weeks earlier, M-19 had flown approximately 150 of its Cuban-trained members to Panama. Castro ally and senior Panama Defense Force (PDF) officer, General Manuel Noriega, along with other PDF members, armed the M-19 guerillas and sent them by boat to two locations on Colombia’s Pacific coast. However, the poorly planned operation failed and most of the invasion force was captured. During questioning, the captured guerrillas told Bogota of their three-month training regimen in Cuba and the means that Havana used to secretly return them to Colombia.


One comment

  1. The Cuban Castro regime has been playing a dirty covert war since its beginning, they has been training guerrillas,arming guerrillas with the aim of turning the South American Continent in a focus of Insurgency against United States. The Castroids has been subverting nations allying themselves with the Warsaw Pct during the cold war which it play an important role during the missile crisis where Cuba and their Soviet mentors almost brought the world to oblivion.People has to be extremely ignorant to think that this regime built from the inside out by the Soviet KGB has actually desisted from continuing the policy of terrorism they have conducted for the last 54 years.During the 60’s and 70’s multiple Latin American nations
    were victims of the Cuban communist influence,Peru,Colombia,Chile,Argentina,Haiti,Venezuela,Dominican Republic,Guatemala,more recently Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Grenada that even though is not an Spanish Speaking Island,it was deeply control by the Cuban and Soviets. During the Viet nam war.The Castroids rendered aid to the Norht Vietnamese where Cuban Engineers were vital in building the Ho Chi Ming trail that sent Vietnamese communist troops and supplies to South Viet Nam The Cuban Government was influential in the Drug trade supporting the Narco operations aimed at United States. THE CASTRO REGIME SHOULD REMAIN IN THE LIST OF TERRORIST COUNTRIES!

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