Today in History: New Intelligence Service Created by Castro Regime 2

March 26, 1959: The new government created a second intelligence service, the Intelligence Information Department of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (DIIFAR). This entity followed the Fidel Castro-directed establishment of the Investigation Department of the Rebel Army (DIER) just ten weeks earlier. Less than three months later, the two organizations merged to form the Department of State Security (DSE).


  1. Early in 1959, the KGB with the new name, the G-2 Headquarter drove the capture and repression against all kind of individual in relation with the before regime but also against the religion and the democracy structure in the country.
    Incredible for all, the quadre of the named “International Communism” as the general of Soviet Army Manuel Lister, COL(KGB) Antonio Dahud really Victor Pina, Captain Alberto or Eusebio Azcue Lopez) and other with false names as Osvaldo Sanchez with the back of visible head of Commander Ramiro Valdez Menendez fullfilled the orders of KGB.
    The Colonel Alexei Alexeiev was the Master Spy on Ernesto Guevara from years before in Buenos Aires, Nicolas Leonov hidden in the Cienaga of Zapata were the true leader of everything we saw from 1959.
    Nikita Khruschev sent cipherd radio communication from Mexico City and received in Havana by Radio in Naroka and Focsa Building every night.
    Castro just played the role of Red Puppet and the G-2 the bloody hand to be in control the country. Kill of democracy and liberty members of the Rebel Army and take the most important position in the new government using word and negative concept against the USA.
    This is the real history of KGB/DSE/G-2….the same bull sheet!

  2. Nikolai Leonov was mentors of Raul and Fidel Castro way before the Cuban revolution won the Cuban civil war.Fidel Castor in 1948 was already involved in the Bogotaso in Colombia during the communist disturbs there and during the Cuban civil war
    Che and Raul were mentored by Leonov. Ramiro Valdez was appointed by Castro and Raul never liked it because he wanted to be nominated as leader of the Cuban MININT,Raul was relegated in Charge of the Cuban Armed forces.Ramiro Valdez was also in charge of most of the executions of counter-revolutionaries as well as defectors within the Cuban Armed forces.The Cuban DI/DGI was created by Soviet Doctrine and with the same Modus operandi and similar structure as the KGB.The Cuban Intelligence was involved in every dirty action,the Soviets didn’t want to get involved into. Ramiro Valdez is the Cuban Felix Dzersinsky and brutal as his soviet mentors.

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