US Wants Conditions if Cuban Spy Gets Visit Home 3

The Associated Press

MIAMI — The U.S. government wants a host of conditions if a judge grants a convicted Cuban spy’s request for a visit home for his father’s memorial service. Federal prosecutors asked a Miami federal judge Wednesday to impose the requirements on Rene Gonzalez, who finished his U.S. prison sentence in October 2011 but remains on probation. Gonzalez‘s 82-year-old father died April 1 after a stroke. Among the suggested conditions are no contact with Cuban intelligence officials, submission of a detailed travel itinerary and regular communication with Gonzalez‘s probation officer in the U.S. The judge did not issue an immediate ruling. Gonzalez is one of the so-called Cuban Five convicted of spying on exiles in Florida and attempting to infiltrate military installations and political campaigns. They are celebrated as heroes in Cuba.


  1. How would Gonzales be monitored if he travels to Cuba?Most likely he would return to America to complete his sentence.He would most likely be another fugitive from the US Authorities living in Cuba.I Picture this guy been celebrated in Jose Marti Airport in Havana telling the Cuban audience every possible lie about our legal system and the bunch of useful idiots clapping saying viva to Fidel and his corrupt revolution.Gonzales then will meet the Cuban DI agents who would probably give him a fresh dossier on How to Promote Freedom for the other four Criminals.I’m not a Psychic ,I Just had the misfortune to live under that repressive system for 16 years.

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