Banished Cuban Spy Expresses Condolences for Marathon Attack 1

US Foe Cuba Sends Condolences for Marathon Attack

Associated Press – Havana — Cuba is condemning the deadly attack on the Boston marathon and reiterated its rejection of all forms of terrorism, yet another small expression of goodwill between the traditional Cold War enemies. Foreign Ministry official Josefina Vidal expressed “the most heartfelt condolences of the people and government of Cuba to the people and government of the United States, particularly those directly affected by this tragedy.” Vidal said Cuba “rejects and condemns unequivocally all acts of terrorism, in any place, under any circumstance, and with whatever motivation.”

While the two countries have been at odds for half a century, Cuba has expressed solidarity in the past, most recently when a U.S. ambassador was killed in Libya. Washington must soon decide whether to keep Cuba on a list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Editor’s Note: Vidal left the US in 2003 when her husband and 13 other spy-diplomats were thrown out of the United States. Vidal and Maria Cristina Delgado Suarez (wife of expelled spy Raul Rodriguez Averhoff) both left the country voluntarily. That said, both women were known to US authorities as Cuban intelligence officers and this fact played into the selection of their husbands for expulsion.


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