Cuban Agent Who Penetrated the CIA Dies 1

HAVANA TIMES – Nicolas Alberto Sirgado Ross, the Cuban intelligence agent who penetrated the CIA for ten years and dismantled several of the plots against Fidel Castro, died last Wednesday in Havana, victim of respiratory failure. According to Cafe Fuerte, Sirgado received in 1962 the task of penetrating the CIA with the mission to detect any plans to kill Castro. He gained access to the Agency in late 1966, during a business visit of a Cuban delegation to London. His record as an undercover agent was the basis for the popular Cuban series “En silencio ha tenido que ser,” (It had to be in silence”) aired on national television in the 80s.

Sirgado died at the age of 77. His body was cremated and the funeral was held Friday in Havana.

Editor’s Note: Original Café Fuerte article follows – “Fallece agente cubano que penetró la CIA por 10 años,”

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  1. I Knew about this TV Series because the Cuban Government during the kids vacation, this TV Series was played in both TV Channels.There was no other way you could circumvent it,to watch a baseball game or a Clint Eastwood movie.The main Character on this TV series.Sergio Corrieri was the director of Casa de las Americas and he was also an agent.Now talking about Nicolas Salgado,”HE MAY REST IN HELL WHERE HE BELONGS.”

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