Expelled Cuban Spy Hosts Press Conference for Released Cuban Spy 1

Cuban spy officially stripped of US citizenship

Editor’s Note: You have to admire the Castro regime’s unabashed chutzpah. Expelled spy Gustavo Machin Gomez, who now serves as director of Cuba’s International Press Center, hosted a press conference for convicted Wasp Network spy, Rene Gonzalez. In November 2002, First Secretary Gustavo Machin Gomez was declared Persona Non Grata and expelled from the United States. At the time, he had been serving under diplomatic cover at the Cuban Interests Section. According to the Washington Post, the expulsion retaliated for the 16-year career of Cuban spy Ana Montes, who was sentenced in October 2002. Machin was then promoted to Ambassador to Pakistan, where he is believed to have targeted US counterterrorism operations in the region.

One comment

  1. This Sewer rats are not going to change their mode of operations,we will kick them out of our turf and they will try to go somewhere else in the world to try to interfere with the Interest and safety of our nation,I do not know what was Kennedy thinking during bay of Pigs,if he would have listen to Arleigh Burke?

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