Edmundo García y Arturo López Levy sobre Joe García y Cuba en la lista de terroristas 3



  1. Yo only have to look at Venezuela and ask your selves who are the ones,behind Maduro’s government?Who has for decades trained guerrillas to fight American Interests in Central and South America?These two characters talking about Cuba are two of the Communists collaborators placed in the US to create division in our society.Everyone knows that the Cuban government has trained Guerrillas for decades.Early on,since 1959 they were months in Power and they already were sending Guerrillas to Venezuela.Castro himself was an agent of the Russian Government and in 1948,he was present with Walterio Carbonell and Che in Colombia where they were given the mission to subvert Colombia.Castro was always a communist,from the beginning.
    Cuba should remain in the list of terrorists countries.If we analyze the actual Venezuelan situation,we will conclude that Cuba is still subverting South America.From the beginning of the 21 century,Argentina has turn to the left,Bolivia has turned to the left,Brazil,Ecuador,Venezuela.Cuba is doing covertly what before the Soviet Union collapse was doing openly.These two useful idiots can say whatever they want to say because this is a free country but they can never negate the fact that Cuba is still a present threat to the security of our nation and the stability of South America.Cuba has change its approach,before they emphasize more in guerrilla training openly,actually they are emphasizing more in the Political indoctrination of leaders that in the future will take covert of their respective countries covertly like Evo in Bolivia,Chavez in Venezuela.Castro has change their approach by covertly seizing countries and using politicians to their favor.

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