Expelled Diplomat-Spy Denies Cuba’s Role in Human Trafficking 2

Cuba Strongly Rejects New US Slanderous Action

HAVANA, Cuba, June 20 (Cuban News Agency – CAN) Cuba strongly rejected new slanderous provocations by Washington, which included the island in an arbitrary and ill-natured report issued by the US Department of State on the trafficking of persons.

In a statement posted on the Foreign Ministry’s webpage, the director of the United States division at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Josefina Vidal, says that Cuba is acknowledged around the world for its exemplary protection of children, youths and women and it is not a source, transit or destination country for the trafficking of persons.

However, in a new action aimed at discrediting Cuba and justifying its hostile policy against the island, the US administration once again included Cuba, in an arbitrary and ill-natured manner, in the worst of the categories of the US Department’s report on the trafficking of persons.

It is the US blockade of Cuba that really harms the Cuban children, youths and women, Vidal says in her statement and points out that the government of Cuba strongly rejects this slander and demands the definitive end of this shameful designation.

Washington has no moral to single out Cuba, after US authorities have been forced to admit that the United States is a source, transit and destination country of US and foreign men, women and children, who are submitted to forced labor, slavery, servitude and sexual trafficking, concludes the statement by Josefina Vidal, director of the US division at the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Editor’s Note: Cuban Intelligence Office Josefina Vidal left the United States in May 2003 when her husband was one of 14 Cuban officials expelled from the United States for espionage. Cleverly, Washington had included a single spouse within two husband-wife spy teams, forcing Havana to recall a total of 16 diplomat-spies.



  1. Negative! Josefina Vidal,Castro is the one that is endangering the Cuban youth,the Embargo is not a Factor,If there is a BLOCKADE,where are the Destroyers and the fighter jets monitoring the entrance of Shipment to the Island?If we had a real Blockade the Castro regime would have ceased to exists decades ago,besides Why Castro and his thugs are allowed to purchase items in stores crammed with items that the regular Cubans can’t buy because they are not allowed to enter in those stores and however Castro and his cronies buy whatever they want?any time they want and they live like kings.Lies more lies.I do not doubt that Castro’s Government is also involved in the human trafficking,the same way he is involved in narcotic trafficking.I also have doubts about the baseball players that are requesting asylum from Cuba,those players may have to pay dividends to the Cuban regime.No one have thought about this problem?
    This Communist regime will do anything and everything to curve the embargo.Why do you think the Cuban authorities are so
    concern about the free traveling,simply because the communist authorities are looking for ways to introduce Spies in our Country.Our immigration authorities should conduct more efficient backgrounds on immigrants coming from Cuba,why?Because not everyone that come to America from Cuba is a “Political Refugee”.The best way to keep America safe is to
    enforce better background on the immigrants that are coming from communist countries specially Cuba.
    If the Castro Government is involve in the human trafficking our Government should sanction all those countries that trade with Cuba.This regime is still in power because we are not sanctioning those countries that trade with the island.Our Government should keep track of all those immigrants and also to investigate how they are coming to America and if they are rafters,we should investigate from where they arrive to America to see if they are legitimate immigrants or spies.

  2. There is a great chance that Castro is behind the illegal immigration and there is also a chance that Castro may be making millions out of the Cuban baseball players that are coming to America,The Cuban Government will extort those players for hard currency to let those players visit the island.I don’t understand the reason why we are not more diligent in regulating the right way right the traveling to the island.There are people that are coming to America and soon after they get their resident status,they will travel to Cuba just for fun and they are doing it three times a years.There are thousands doing that and they are posting it in our web like is funny,they are violating the embargo.This is one of the reasons why,Castro is still in power because our government is not enforcing the embargo the right way.Whenever there is a lucrative illegal operation to make money Castro’s dictatorship is there without any doubt.

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