Argentina Turns Over Body of Cuban Diplomat Killed in 1976 2

(Prensa Latina – June 25, 2013) Argentinian authorities will deliver today to the Cuban embassy in this country the remains of Jesus Cejas Arias, a diplomat of the island, who was kidnapped in Buenos Aires in 1976 and later killed during the last military dictatorship.

This action ends a long and painstaking process of searching, finding and identification, in which the seriousness, friendship, and solidarity of the Argentinian judicial authorities, specialists and government were showed, Cuban ambassador Jorge Lamadrid said. The Mission chief said that the remains will be transferred to Cuba this weekend under the custody of historian Jose Luis Mendez, to be delivered to his relatives.

Argentinian officials and citizens, as well as the Cubans working in this country will pay tribute tonight to Jesus Cejas Arias, during a ceremony at the headquarters of the Cuban embassy in Buenos Aires. “This tribute is also to honor the thousands of Argentinians who were kidnapped, killed and missed during the dictatorship, especially under the sinister Operation Condor, among them 15 valuable youth from both sexes, who then worked at the Commercial Office of Cuba,” Lamadrid stated.

The Operation Condor is the name with which this country knows the maneuver of coordination between the sectors of the dictatorial regimes of the Southern Cone of America, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and sporadically Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador -with the CIA carried out in the 1970s and 1980s.

Cejas Arias was kidnapped on August 9, 1976 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, along with his fellow countrymen Crescencio Galañena Hernandez, and both were held in illegal captivity and subjected to torture in the clandestine detention and torture center known as Automotive Orletti. His body, as well as that of Galañena Hernandez, was hidden in a metal drum of 200 liter capacity and filled with cement. The discovery occurred more than one month ago in an area of the locality of Virreyes, in San Fernando, a province of Buenos Aires, but until the entire process of identifying, and forensic and judicial processing was completed, the country did not decide the delivery of the remains.

The remains of Galañena Hernandez had been found in June last year in the same area in which that of Cejas Arias was found, along with the bodies of the Argentinian Maria Rosa Clementi and Ricardo Manuel Gonzalez, also kidnapped in August 1976 and hitherto were missing.



  1. Prensa Latina’s Castroites are mentioning their communist agent they sent to Argentina to subvert Argentina and they are not mentioning the 15000 to 18000 Cubans murdered by the Castro Regime?They are criticizing the Argentinian dictatorship when the Castro brothers have being in power more than half a Century lying murdering,torturing and extorting Cubans?They do not have shame criticizing others when they are champions violating Human rights.The problems is that when the left murder thousands and some cases millions the world opinion turn their heads the other way however the Spanish Government was ready to indict Pinochet for their 3,000-4000 murdered during the years of The Pinochet dictatorship,Castro has murdered thousands and Spain is one of the primary countries conducting business with the Dictator and owning more than half of the Island.

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