Cuban Media: Camagüey Pays Tribute to Living Heroes of our History 1

Alejandro Ferraz Pellicer and Gilberto Garcia

By Alex López & Yurislenia Pardo/Radio Cadena Agramonte

Participants in the historical events known as the assault on the Moncada barracks and the landing of the expeditionary men aboard the Granma cabin cruiser in eastren Cuba were granted the replica of the coat-of-arms of Camagüey, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the assaults on the barracks in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo.

Before a large representation of people from this city, gathered in the basement of the monument situated at the Ignacio Agramonte Revolution Square, these two men belonging to a generation of Cubans who didn’t allow the ideas of Jose Marti to die in 1953, received the emblem conferred by the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power.

Alejandro Ferraz Pellicer, combatant who took part in the assault on the Moncada barrack, joined the July 26th Movement in 1957, and since that moment on he was involved in very risky missions as part of the clandestine struggle of those years. On the other hand, Gilberto García Alonso was one of the expeditionary men who came in the Granma yacht, took part in the bloody Alegría de Pío battle and when the Revolution succeeded he worked for the Cuban intelligence service.

Shortly before the above-mentioned homage, these revolutionary combatants met a group of workers at the Ana Betancourt de Mora Mother and Child Hospital. There they were told about the functioning of Cuba’s second largest mother and child hospital and about the transformation it has been subjected over the last few months.


Their own anecdotes, endeavours of many, dreams that have come true were told in Camagüey by these two men who took part in historical events that would mark the future of the island nation.

The Ignacio Agramonte Camagüey University, first built by the Revolutionary Government, opened its doors and welcomed Alejandro Ferraz Pellicer and Gilberto García Alonso. In a very emotional meeting with students and professors, Santiago Lajes Choy, rector of this university, awarded these men the medal marking the 45th anniversary of the Higher Education. Lajes Choy gave details on the main challenges to improve the quality and level of the different courses and degrees as well as to get involved in the solution findings of many socio-economic problems.

Besides, the Jose Marti Pedagogical University welcomed the visitors who also participated in a very friendly talk on the challenges and achievements of the province, on the future of the Cuban youth, Fidel and the Homeland. During this cordial meeting, Alejandro Ferraz stressed the importance of the teacher in our society and insisted on the need to talk to the young people so that they do not forgive their roots and history.

Ferraz and García toured some places of the historic core of town. Besides, they learnt from specialist working for the City Historian’s Office how much Camagüey is doing to celebrate the 500th anniversary of former village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visit of these two veterans of Cuba’s liberation struggle is part of a wide array of activates which commemorates the 60th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks.


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  1. What was the significance of the Moncada Attack to Castro?The same significance the Beer hall fight had for Hitler,to create Martyrs and to build the bases of a Great lie Gilberto Garcia Alonso should be shameful for being a direct piece in the criminal apparatus created by the KGB to repress any attempt of the Cuban population towards democracy.Now a days the Castroids have change their plans,they are constantly creating false dissidents to infiltrate the exile organizations and if possible to influence our policy makers to curve our policy towards Cuba on their favor,This is the reason we actually see “Dissidents” that when they are speaking the do not show any clear view against the tyrannical Regime. The Moncada attack was created to derail Cuba from Democracy with the Foreign help of KGB Agents like Leonov,Castro’s Mentor and the Mexican Communist President Lazaro Cardenas. Fidel Castro planned the attack to perfection to a point where he already knew before hand how to keep his hides away from fire behind the Person of a Jesuit Priest named Perez Serantes who save his life and many of the attackers,including the schizophrenic and murderer Ramiro Valdez.

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