Coming Soon: The Potential Role of FIU in a Post-Castro Cuba 3

Event information
Start: Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2013, 09:45AM
End: Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2013, 12:45PM
Venue: Modesto A. Maidique Campus, College of Business, Special Events Center, Room 233

The FIU Cuba Forum is an open discussion among FIU experts and the community regarding the appropriate role of FIU in a post-Castro Cuba. This discussion will serve as the first step in planning for FIU’s participation in Cuba, once federal and state laws allow exchange, and the FIU Board of Trustees deems it appropriate.

The backdrop for the discussion will be a review conducted by renowned economist and Latin American Studies Professor Carmelo Mesa-Lago. His presentation will highlight opportunities and needs in Cuba as well as resources and strengths that FIU can bring to the table. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion that includes key FIU faculty and administrators in areas such as business, engineering, hospitality, medicine, and international relations.


Mark Rosenberg, President, FIU
Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Consultant
Julia E. Sweig, Director for Latin America Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
Jorge Duany, Director, Cuban Research Institute, FIU

Luis Salas, Associate Vice President, Research, FIU

Panel Members:
Mike Hampton, Dean, Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, FIU
Amir Mirmiran, Dean, College of Engineering and Computing, FIU
Frank Mora, Director, Latin American and Caribbean Center, FIU
Marifeli Pérez-Stable, Professor, Global & Sociocultural Studies, FIU
Monica Tremblay, Associate Professor, Decision Sciences and Information Systems, FIU
Inés R. Triay, Director, Applied Research Center, FIU
Fernando Valverde, Chief Executive Officer, HWCOM Health Care Network Faculty Group, FIU

Editor’s Note: Past reporting on Perez-Stable’s affiliation with Cuban Intelligence can be found here and Similarly, information on the major role of Cuban spies in Julia Sweig’s writing career can be found here:—-Expert——-or-Castro-Agent



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  2. After the collapse of the Communist system the Island will need millions of dollars to fix their economic infrastructure.The sugar industry that is the base of that economy has being destroyed for decades of lack of care.The Capital of the island is totally destroyed with buildings collapsing every week.There are not restaurants except those for the tourists and the Castro clique.There is no transportation system to move millions of Cubans to work.The Cuban airlines is an obsolete company with airplanes dating back to the Soviet era.The Fishing Industry is partially non-existent due to the Cuban government using this entity as an espionage service instead of their original service.That Island will take 50 years to be the same way it was before 1959.Once free,this island would be a good place to spend a week every year vacationing there,but of course when the Castroids are gone.The island authorities will have to deal with a population hungry for freedom after 50 years of repression and crime will be surging due to the initial re-structuring of their law enforcement services and finally the tracking down of all those communists involved in crimes against the Cuban population that will need to be brought to justice.It would be interesting.

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