State Carries Out Vandalism Against Homes of Dissidents 2

by Pedazos de la Isla

Police forces of the Cuban regime have not only taken up the task of arresting, beating, deporting and spying on human rights activists on the island, but also have a long history of carrying out acts of vandalism against their homes. In the last couple of days, new cases of these actions have been documented.

Alexei Jiménez Almarales, an independent journalist from Holguin province, sent a note to this blog where he explains that the home of dissident couple Julio Cesar Álvarez Marrero (president of the Claridad Human Rights Movement) and Catalina Hidalgo Nonell (a member of the Ladies in White) was attacked by mobs organized by State Security on the morning of July 29th in the mentioned Eastern province. “When they awoke on Sunday morning, they found the walls of their home full of signs with messages against them as well as exploded condoms full of paint…they had been thrown against the walls of their home, which was left completely filthy“, detailed Jimenez.

The repressors also “left a glass bottle with gasoline and a fuse on the tip in front of their house, as well as a box of matches next to the bottle.” Julio Cesar Alvarez told the journalist that this serves as a direct threat of lighting his house on fire and he assures that “if something happens to me or to my wife, the culprit is the Cuban government“.

Meanwhile, on the same day in the city of Colon, in Matanzas province, the Lady in White Caridad Burunate suffered a similar attack when political police agents hurled feces at her house, all of this as an attempt to impede her from marching to church as all members of this female group do each Sunday. “See the terror which Raul Castro’s regime has wanted to implant in Colon, Matanzas, filling my house with feces”, wrote the dissident on her Twitter account (@CaridadBurunate), publishing various photos of the aftermath along with the text. It is not the first time this is done to her.

Burunate’s home not only serves as a meeting point for a number of activists and Ladies in White in the area, but also as the headquarters of the community project known as “Lanza Flores-Capitán Tondique”, where members of the opposition in Matanzas prepare food for homeless and sick citizens. Caridad Burunate responded to the attacks by hanging a sign outside her home explaining to everyday people what had happened, as well as by publishing another tweet which read, “Down with Fidel, Down with Raul, Down with the tyranny, Down with the dicatorship, Down with communism and Long Live a Free Cuba!“



  1. Friends,this is true.My family experienced this unfortunate event during the Mariel exodus.My family unfortunately stayed behind because the Castro regime cancelled the Political prisoners exchange for that year and instead introduce regular Cubans and open the doors of the prisons and included many criminals in this exodus.To my family that stayed behind was
    a nightmare,the thugs of the MININT bombarded our home with eggs,they threw rocks to our windows and doors,my familiy had to re-enforce the doors to prevent people from coming into our home,My family was basically locked inside our home.
    We were carrying clubs to prevent people from coming in,The Thugs threw rocks,they were holding signs calling us Imperialists,Worms,etc.
    On my way to school My brother and I were attacked by teenagers instigated by their communist parents and the MININT
    to beat us down ,everyday to travel to and from school was a challenge.To survive we had to fight,it was punch and be punch. There were also cases of Rape.

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