Carromero: Payá was Murdered by Cuban Secret Services 6

From Miami Herald staff and wire reports

Angel Carromero, who was sentenced to prison in Havana for the death of two Cuban dissidents in a car accident, said in an interview published Sunday by Spain’s daily newspaper El Mundo, which was subsequently reported by the news service EFE, that Cuba’s secret service murdered Oswaldo Payá.

Meanwhile, Ofelia Acevedo, Payá’s widow, said she hopes Carromero’s interview “will add clarity about the attempt on my husband’s life.”

In an interview with El Nuevo Herald Sunday night, Acevedo said that she and the rest of her family never trusted the Cuban government’s version of the accident.

According to EFE and El Mundo, Carromero also said that he is convinced that Payá and another dissident leader who accompanied him survived the accident. “The nurses and a priest,” he was quoted as saying, “assured me that all four of us were admitted at the hospital.”

Carromero recalled that on July 22, 2012, the day of the accident, he was driving to Santiago with Payá, Harold Cepero and Swedish citizen Jens Aron Moding, when he realized that a blue vehicle was following them, the reports said.

“We were headed to Santiago and we had already been followed three times during the trip,” he was quoted as saying. “[Close to ] Bayamo, a blue vehicle began to follow us. We were annoyed because they were very close,” said the reports. Carromero was also quoted as saying that that he could see the driver’s eyes through the rear-view window, and that when Payá saw the car, he said that he could tell the car belonged to communists by the color of the license plate. “Angel, keep on going and don’t stop,” Carromero said Payá told him, the reports said.

Carromero said the car hit them from behind and threw them off the road. He said he became unconscious, according to the reports.

“What happened next, as I remember, was, like, men carrying me to a van with sliding doors like the ones used by Cuba’s State Security, and I screamed, ‘S–t, who are you and what the f–k have you done to us.’ Then I lost consciousness again. I think they hit me with a rifle butt because I had a gap on my head,” the news reports said.

Ofelia Acevedo, Payá’s widow, said Sunday that “We believe that State Security was behind it.”

“My husband drove very carefully and did not allow anybody else to speed because he knew his life was in danger,” she said.
She has requested an international investigation of the events that led to her husband’s death.

Payá’s widow also expressed her gratitude for Carromero’s statement to the Spanish daily.

El Nuevo Herald reporter Melissa Sánchez contributed to this story.



  1. The people who believes in a walking lie such as Carromero, and swallow that Cuban Security will murder Paya leaving alive Carromero as witness, are unable to fight Castroism because they simply fail to undestand it.

  2. Carromero has no credibility because he was filmed in Cuba saying that it was an accident and beinng grateful for the assistance provided by the government. Castroites will always use that video to discredit him. Unfortunately, the Christian Democrat leader lacked testosterone when he needed it the most after the accident.

  3. The Cuban DI the MININT and the Cuban Department America are murderers.These departments planned political assassinations during the 60’s 70 s’ and 80’s and they are doing it again,to them anyone that pose a threat to them this
    services will murder the 1970 the communists planned and in some cases executed assassinations of the Cuban
    exile political figures.Now they are zeroing in internal dissidents which they murder and in other cases the dissidents will never be found again Zomosa, Pinochet and Masferrer Rolando were victims of this Services,Pinochet was lucky to escape unscathed.The funny part is that this Castroids then criticize the Salvadorean Junta,the Chilean Junta and Galtieri’s Regime.

    • That´s not the point. I would believe that Castro ordered to kill Paya if the news would have been: “Four people, two Cubans and two foreing tourist, died yesterday after thier car fell off a cliff. “

  4. The Cuban MININT was responsible for the murder of Paya and many others in Cuba and outside Cuba.Why would Carromero lie?for fun?Of course not.14-18 000 Cubans and many Americans too have being murdered by the Cuban dictatorsip and as usual the UN and the Europeans never listened.Can anyone tell me What is the UN good for?

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