“Free The 5” to Sponsor Stephen Kimber’s September Book Tour of US 1

According to Cuba’s Prensa Latina (PRELA), Canadian writer Stephen Kimber will tour the United States from September 11-17 peddling his book What Lies Across the Water: The True Story of the Cuban Five.

Organized by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, the group hope’s Kimber’s book will “reach new audiences and generate interest, so that more people join the campaign for the return of these men to their homeland, and end this long injustice.” A well known Castro apologist, Kimber will speak in Washington DC, Maryland, New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn) and Boston, where Noam Chomsky will reportedly accompany him. The tour will also include in New York the opening of the 15 watercolor paintings exhibition by convicted spy Antonio Guerrero, entitled “Yo me muero como vivi” (I Will Die The Way I Lived).


One comment

  1. This is another red bastard advocating for the freedom of 5 criminals that were convicted of espionage.Shame on Kimber he is just another useful idiot like Danny Glover and the American left.The incarceration of the five spies can not be called injustice however Injustice is the Cuban Dictatorship that has being in power for 54 years denying and depriving of human rights the Island of Cuba.This Regime has murdered American citizens,Cuban,Salvadorean,Guatemalans,Africans,Israelis and many others.This regime created massive firing squads in hourly basis with an hour trial without the opportunity of appeals.Che Guevara murdered 1275 Cuban and American Citizens by firing squads in La Cabana prison,275 in one day,THIS IS INJUSTICE!The sinking of the tug boat 13 de Marzo by the Cuban Coast guard where many people drown including 13 children,THIS IS INJUSTICE! THE 5 FIVE COMMITTED THE CRIME,NOW LET’S LET THEM SERVE THEIR TIME!

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