Wasp Network Spy-Handler Suffering From Arthritis; US to Blame Claims Cuba 1

Cuban Hero suffers from medical neglect in the U.S.

Prensa Latina News Agency

The Cuban antiterrorist fighter imprisoned in the United States Ramón Labañino trudge (sic) due to lack of proper medical care, said his wife Elizabeth Palmeiro in Abancay, Peru.

Elizabeth Palmeiro said Ramon has walking troubles, as he suffer (sic) from osteoarthritis and has not been treated properly.

However, she stressed the optimism and high morale that keeps the prisoner, who, along with two of his daughters, she recently visited in his prison in Ashland, Kentucky.

Labañino is one of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters imprisoned for nearly 15 years, while collecting information on terrorist groups and their plannings (sic) of attacks against Cuba, and unjustly sentenced to long prison terms.

Of the five, only René González has been released after serving most of his sentence, and the release of prisoners is one of the main agenda items of the XIV Peruvian Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba which opens tomorrow in Peru with Palmeiro as a guest.

She said in the interview to be the bearer of an appreciation message from Ramón, René and his companions Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez, and their families, by the publicity work that takes place in Peru on the case, mainly by part of the Peruvian Committee of Solidarity with the Cuban Five.

He stressed the need for strengthened international solidarity with the Five, as they has been devoted his people, so they could be released and return to their homeland, and she also advised the Peruvian solidarity to extended they labor about the case to new sectors of population.

She also called the Peruvians to learn about the issue by simply deepen (sic) it online or through solidarity activists to understand that it is a tremendous injustice suffered by the families of prisoners and the entire people of Cuba.

According to Palmeiro, strengthen solidarity with the Five is vital because today it is a decisive stage of the battle for the freedom of the antiterrorist fighters.

She e (sic) explained that the U.S. President Barack Obama, serving his second term, has greater scope for taking action as Cuban prisoners reprieve, so activities such as letters, messages and other means should be multiplied to demand the fighters´ liberation.


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  1. Labanino has osteoarthritis? Well,he is going to serve the rest of his sentence with Osteoarthritis.There are hundreds of Cuban political prisoners suffering from Malnutrition,Hepatitis,Heart disease,and they are beaten every day by their communist captors and they are in most cases arbitrarily incarcerated. Labanino is having three meals a day a nice bed
    to sleep on every night and he is by no chance malnourished,Let’s allow Labanino serve the rest of his sentence in prison and let’s stay away from the communist manipulations.

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