1. Cuba is a latent threat.Cuba has relations to terrorist countries such as North Korea, Iran and Syria,as we see weeks ago Cuba was trying to traffic weapons to north Korea and Cuba has done it for decades.Cuba was the country supplying from Nicaragua weapons to the Communist Guerrillas of Central and South America.Cuba has an active Intelligence service where its agents are always trying to subvert countries like Venezuela for instance.
    The quote “That Cuba is not a threat to the United States” was originated by the Spy Ana Belen Montes which provided false Intelligence assessments to the DIA about Cuba to cover her own espionage. As long as Castro remains in power in Cuba.
    “CUBA IS A LATENT THREAT TO THE SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES AND ALL THOSE CITIZENS THAT LOVES FREEDOM” Where ever there is terrorist organization fighting the United States,Castro is there,either openly or covertly
    supporting those groups.The essence of the Castro communism is terrorism.

  2. It was early in 1959 and the Castro regime was already planning to invade Venezuela,Panama,Haiti and the Dominican republic.Cuba has never ceased to be a constant threat to the safety of the US.The Castro terrorism has being involved in every political scheme and every illegal operation to create problems to the US.Cuba has a long history of trafficking,Narcotics,Guerrilla exports,supporting terrorist groups like ETA an IRA.Cuba help Saddam Hussein and supported Assad regime in Syria.

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