Interview with Leticia Ramos in Regards to State Security Tactics, Kidnapping and Persecution 1

by Pedazos de la Isla

On Sunday, August 18th, the Cuban regime once again attacked the Ladies in White and various dissidents in the province of Matanzas through arrests, beatings and acts of repudiation. There were also cases of repression in the province of Santiago de Cuba, where paramilitary mobs repudiated and attacked a number of women inside a house. Despite the violence, more than 200 members of the Ladies in White were able to march and arrive at Mass, according to this article published by ‘Marti Noticias’. In this blog, we will publish a series of interviews with various Cubans who have been repressed in these past days but continue expressing their ideas in favor of change and freedom.

Story continues here: Interview with Leticia Ramos in regards to State Security tactics, kidnapping and persecution


One comment

  1. There are two things the Castro’s regime hates.Dissidents and News from the free world,and then the useful idiots are saying that Castro is interested in a peaceful transition?Where have they being?It is funny how a group of women are bringing the Communist Government to it knees.they are like a group of ticks that the Communist regime can’t get off their backs.

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