Latest Cuban Police Tactic: Freeing Detained Dissidents in Remote Areas Far From Their Homes 3

By Juan O. Tamayo,

Cuban dissident Ana Celia Rodríguez Torres says police arrested her, punched her and kept her all day in a scorching hot bus, then freed her the next morning in a remote farming area 20 miles from her home. Another dissident in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba reports similar treatment. Yasnay Ferrer Santos says she was yanked violently out of a car, held in a patrol car all day and all night and then freed on a rural road 10 miles from her home.

Dissidents and human rights leaders say those incidents are part of a recent shift in tactics that Cuban security forces are using against domestic opponents. Increasingly, they are resorting to physical force and dumping dissidents in isolated areas to harass and intimidate them, say human rights leaders. “It’s been happening dozens of time, too many times to count, hundreds just with UNPACU” members, said José Daniel Ferrer, head of the opposition Patriotic Union of Cuba. Its Spanish-language acronym is UNPACU.
Ferrer and Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz, head of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation in Havana, say the shift began in May.

On May 1, the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in Switzerland issued a report criticizing the Cuban government’s record — specifically expressing concern over a spike in the number of short-term detentions of dissidents. Such detentions, usually in police stations, soared from 2,074 in 2010 to 6,602 last year. The rise was perceived as the result of an effort by Cuba’s leader, Raúl Castro, to move away from the notoriously long prison sentences common under his brother Fidel Castro while keeping up the pressure on dissidents. The short-term detentions have now slowed significantly, with 2,376 reported in the first seven months of this year, compared to 4,051 in the same period last year, according to the latest report by Sánchez’s group.

But now the state security apparatus in the Western Hemisphere’s only communist-ruled nation is increasingly resorting to other tactics, Ferrer and Sánchez agreed. In addition to physical violence and the drop-offs in remote areas, they reported vandalism of dissidents’ homes and “acts of repudiation” by government-organized mobs. Three UNPACU members have been mugged at night by young men in civilian clothes, Ferrer said. In one case the attackers were known employees of government sports centers apparently acting on orders of state security agents, he added. State Security officers watching some of the arrests have been heard ordering their men to punch dissidents who lead the protests or shout the loudest, Ferrer added, and dissidents are reporting more injuries during their arrests.

Sanchez concurred and said his commission also has been receiving reports of attacks on the homes of dissidents with rocks, paint and feces and pro-government demonstrations in front of the homes.

But the most significant change ….

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  1. Raul is paving the way for his successor. By not jailing opposition party leaders, he is demonstrating to the international community that he is open to compromise. To obtain , at least, a modicum of international acceptance of a future government change. Of course, anyone who has kept up with developments in Cuba knows that Raul is methodical, analytical and never does a thing without a clear cut purpose. His purpose is to maintain Cuba on the socialist path after his demise.

  2. Now what the tyranny is doing is detaining dissidents and then the State police release them after a week,the idea is that when they infiltrate the dissidents with the so call independent bloggers,the authorities will acts like they are arresting this false bloggers when in reality they have being debrief.The communist are acting this way to deceived the real dissidence so the real dissident would not be able to tell who is a false dissident based on time of incarceration.In the past you were obviously be able to tell who was real or not based on the time of incarceration.If the dissident or the blogger was roaming around criticizing the communist Government and then he was detained and release after a week,the dissidence knew this blogger or dissident was false,now it will require a little bit of time but at the end you know who is who,why?they are very predictably to the point of being monotonous and the most important thing the false dissident will criticize the regime half way.The false dissident would not go to criticize things that will endanger the regime and also he usually will support similar views or similar agenda that the communist are advocating for,not exactly the same but very similar.Not everyone that sits in front of a laptop computer in the Havana Central Park is a dissident,the regime would never tolerate harsh criticism except the one about basic needs that the rest of the population complain about.

  3. Raul is not open to anything all he is trying to pave the way to Dias Canel which is far more hard liner than Raul.All the business that belong to the Cuban State are controlled by Raul’s Generals and the MININT who is the entity that runs Cuba.
    When those generals get profits out of those businesses Raul Castro and his senile Brother will retain a percentage. Putin
    did the same thing in Russia after the Communist system collapsed He placed key players of the KGB in Charge of those businesses owned by the State and Putin and Medmedev kept a percentage of those profits and Putin is still running Russia with an Iron Fist and Raul Castro learn the agenda from the Russians.

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