The KGB and Cuban Intelligence During the Cold War (Documentary) 4



  1. This is the hill of the iceberg….every thing that happend wrong is state of art of psychological warfare designed to destroy USA by the boodiest hand of KGB and DGI really the CIM.

  2. But this documentary is part of the desinformation or totally ignore, that PCUS and KGB had the command of political and military subversion with the plan to get Cuba like satellite of USRR from 1923 in the head and master soviet spy Fabio Grobart and other cuban native like Blas Roca, Victor Pina, etc. The Mocada and Granma events were designed and under control by KGB, also the soviet network underground inside the Cuba’s Armed Forces makie easy the Castro victoy. Every leader of Cuban Revolution worked for KGB all the time. .

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