Was The Miami Trial Of The Cuban Five Fair? 1

By Elaine Chen

On a special edition of The Florida Roundup, we discuss the controversial case of the Cuban Five, Cuban agents who were convicted in 2001 of espionage along with other charges.

In Cuba, they are called heroes, their faces on billboards across the island country. In the U.S., they are relatively unknown spies.

One of the five, Gerardo Hernandez, was also convicted of conspiracy to commit murder for helping Cuba in 1996 to shoot down two planes operated by Brothers to the Rescue, a Cuban exile group. Tried in Miami, Hernandez received life in prison while the other four were sentenced to lesser prison terms.

Join host Tom Hudson with our guests WLRN’s Americas Correspondent Tim Padgett; Stephen Kimber, whose book, What Lies Across the Water, questions the fairness of the Miami trial; and David Buckner, one of the prosecutors in the case.

Listen to the broadcast here: Was The Miami Trial Of The Cuban Five Fair?

One comment

  1. The trial was fair.If these spies were tried in Cuba,The communists would have shot them hours after the trial.This trial was not advertised like other trials with less importance because the players in the trials were not part of the Hollywood fanfare.The victim was an organization not very liked by the Media,Brother to the rescue.The media is more interested in audience rather than cases involving National security which in my opinion is by far more important than any other trial because is involving our nation and was a case of espionage involving foreign personnel.If this case would have being covered by the media the proper way,things would have being different,people would have known the truth and not the communist lies that many people have erroneously believed.

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