Cuban “Intelligence Front” Provides Media Update 2

Editor’s Note: The speaker’s organization – ICAP – is renown for its long and distinguished history of collaboration with Cuban Intelligence. Previous coverage of ICAP can be found using the search icon.



  1. The ICAP is a cover up organization made up mostly by members of the department M-9 of the MININT. This department is in charge of communist propaganda and it includes teachers,journalists,professionals.In The technical school Hermanos Gomez there was Physics teacher named Joaquin Barzaga,this man may be a member of this group,this idiot spent 15 minutes of every class trying to bring his bullshit communism into the Physics class.The man was not taller than 5” 03 and always dressed with a white guayabera shirt and having his handle bar mustache like Sam the Cartoon Character.We despised the bastard.The Cuban merchant marine is in charge of maritime espionage and its members most of them are not simple fisherman,they are spies.The Cuban Society from its core is a police state governed by a military junta the MININT.
    The MININT Controls even the most insignificant organizations within the Cuban Society,even the insignificant Pioneros is controlled by the MININT which teachers in junior High,High School and elementary school are members of the Cuban Intelligence.

  2. I would like to specify,not all the teachers in Cuba are members of the Cuban Intelligence but many of them really are.The ICAP years ago had within its members an actor named Sergio Corrieri that always acted in TV series about espionage where he played the role of communist agent infiltrated in the US,well this men was an active member of the Cuban Intelligence,I think he was at the time of his death,Vice president of the ICAP.All these Parrots you see in the Cuban TV glorifying the Cuban regime,most of them are members of the Propaganda department of the MININT.

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