Marifeli Perez-Stable to Speak on Friday Regarding Cuban Reconciliation 3

PROGRAM: 2nd Conference on Reconciliation & Change: The German Experience

Editor’s Note: The Cuban Intelligence ties of Dr. Marifeli Perez-Stable have been well documented by defectors over the last several decades.



  1. RECONCILIATION???? Who is going to pay for those 18000 murdered by the communist government?Reconciliation after 54 years of repression? The commies should have asked for reconciliation in 1959 and before those 18000 innocents got murdered,now there is no way back.Time to pay.There is going to be another process like the one in Nuremberg but in the case of Cuba is going to be years of testimonies and witnesses,I’m for bringing the commies to the tribunals so they can be prosecuted for their crimes,Let’s justice be serve.NO WAY BACK!

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