Freed Spy René González to Head New “Free the Five” Group Reply

First Meeting of the Jose Marti Club for the Liberation of the Cuban Five

Havana (Cubarte) — René González, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and Honorary president of the Jose Marti Club for the Liberation of the Five Cuban Heroes created last September 20, took part in its first executive meeting celebrated at the Jose Marti Cultural Society Center in Havana city. René directed the coordination meeting with Wilmer Rodríguez and Tomás Valdés Becerra, Club´s president and executive secretary respectively, and they defined the actions the group will develop during the year´s last three months.

There were also present several members of the Club that gathers artists, intellectuals, personalities of the Cuban culture, who will all cooperate “from the individual creation with the common goal to fight for the freedom of the Five”, as affirmed Wilmer.

It is essential to highlight there are also represented institutions, organizations and working centers as the Havana Harbor, so important considering all the activities the harbor workers can develop for the campaign.

One of the first proposals of the meeting was to preserve the yellow ribbon initiative given that many people individually and without being advised to do it, have kept it. In this sense, Rene said it is important to keep the ribbon to the Five heroes’ image and that this could be used in the actions conducted every Day 5 with a previous promotion from the Jose Marti Clubs.

The first activity will take place next October 12: the climb to the Pan de Matanzas hill of a group members of the Club lead by Rene. The Club´s five points yellow flag that will lead the group will be design by the visual artist Kamil Bullaydi—he has a close relation with the Jose Marti Cultural Society Center because of his vast work with the Jose Marti image.

Wilmer explained the 320th anniversary of the foundation of Matanzas city is celebrated that day and university students, martial arts athletes, troubadours and improviser poets of that territory will take part in climbing its highest geographical point.

It was announced that for the three months it is expected the visits of three North American delegations invited by the Jose Marti Cultural Society Center and the Jose Marti Center of Studies. There will be meetings and exchanges in which they will provide information about the Cuban Five to increase the campaign in the United States.

During November, representatives of the Club will join in the Jornada 5 por los 5 celebrated every month at the Latin American Medicine School where there are 36 North American students who coordinate each month activity.

They also debate about carrying out arts exhibits and community visual actions and the relationship with the Cuban Sports and Recreation Institute (INDER, in Spanish) to associate marathons, competitions and other mass sport activities to the campaign. They also highlighted the importance to strengthen the relations with the Jose Marti Clubs existing in the different communication media and they agree to work intensively in university centers to add the youth´s creativity, energy and sensitiveness to this general struggle in which the citizen participation has a decisive role.

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)


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