NYC’s Mayor-Elect Long Tied to Cuba & Nicaragua’s Sandinistas 2

Bill De Blasio, the Big Apple’s first Democratic mayor in decades, is an unapologetic Sandinista supporter who later honeymooned in Cuba. Beginning his political career as a minor aide to David Dinkins, the last Democratic NYC mayor, he subsequently served in the Clinton administration and ran Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign.

De Blasio travelled to Nicaragua while in college during the 1980s. Further enamored by his visit, he returned home and joined a Nicaragua solidarity group. Questioned during the campaign about his support of the brutal Sandinista regime, he sounded very much like convicted spy Ana Montes, claiming he was “very proud” of his support of the Sandinista Revolution.

Read the entire article here: The Sandinista supporter who married a former lesbian and rose through the political ranks to become mayor New York


  1. I really don’t understand how our cities allow communist supporters to become city officials.These commies are the ones that in case of a crisis are going to support their communist ideals.We are turning from being politically correct to become idiots,history has not shown us enough,I’m guessing.Why is scum like this character holding the Position of New York Mayor?How and WHY?

  2. Communism is no just any political system.Communism advocates violence and Revolution as a mean to get in Power dethroning by force the political System they target.The communism once in power is the most cruel and destructive system created by human minds,How can anyone advocate this cause?specially a city official.

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