US Takes a Step Towards Cuba 3

Moscow’s anti-US “RT” continues the myth of 638 failed assassination attempts against Cuba. The storyline was first established by “retired” Cuban counterintelligence chief Fabian Escalante in his disingenuous book, “EXECUTIVE ACTION: 634 Ways to Kill Fidel.” Hilariously, one year later, director Dollan Cannell made a movie based on the book, but increased the number to 638 alleged assassination attempts.



  1. She does not know what she is talking about. For instance, she connected AMLASH to a celebration of the 26th of July at Varadero in 1965.

  2. There were never that many assassination attempts against Castro,probably a dozen if That.We can not rely in information provided in a Book written and manipulated by the Corrupt communist system and sponsored by one of Castro’s thugs,the corrupt Fabian Escalante,related to Jaime Escalante a known member of Cuba’s untouchable class.

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