This Sunday – Cuba Proxy Hosts Another Miami Conference on Imprisoned Spies 1

Havana’s Prensa Latina, long known for its affiliation with Cuban Intelligence, yesterday announced a gathering in Miami to update activists on its never-ending appeals process and global influence operations supporting the remaining members of the Cuban 5.

This event will reportedly take place Sunday (December 15th) in the Key Biscayne Salon at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Comically, PRELA cited Andrés Gómez as noting that the event was “organized by the Martian Alliance.” (sic).

Gómez will also reportedly provide what is sure to be an interesting explanation of why US banks are reluctant to work with the Cuban dictatorship.

Editor’s Note: Andrés Gómez is the coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade and editor of the magazine Areito digital. Both entities have long and distinguished histories of collaboration with Cuban Intelligence. Additional background on these groups can be found in previous “Cuba Confidential” postings. Please use the “search” feature to find the related posts.


One comment

  1. The Cuban Government has conducting the same agenda for decades,they focus their effort in their agenda they lie,they fabricate,they will twist the facts the Cuban Government will extort,black mail in another words they will go the whole 100 yards to get what they want.They are deceiving.The whole communist system is deceiving this system was created to deceive.We need to begin to educate people about the reasons how the Wasp Network was discovered and their members arrested.We need to bring the facts documenting the truth,to oppose their lies.We need to write a book to expose the truth behind the communist myth about the 5 spies.

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