New York Times OP/ED: Lift the Cuban Embargo 2


Some Republicans and Cuban-American lawmakers are criticizing President Obama for shaking President Raúl Castro’s hand at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. Their reaction to a gesture of common courtesy should come as no surprise given Washington’s senseless commitment to a failed 50-year policy toward Cuba.

This page has long called for an end to America’s embargo, which has strengthened the hand of Mr. Castro, his brother Fidel and other hard-liners who have used it as an excuse for their disastrous misrule in Havana. And it has hurt the Cuban people whom we claim to want to help.

Supporters of the embargo, including Cuban-American lawmakers like Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, have argued that it gives the United States leverage and should not be removed until democracy returns to the island. The fact that the Castros remain firmly in charge in Havana more than a half-century after President John F. Kennedy instituted the restrictions against Cuba shows how effective that idea is.

Mr. Obama took some tentative steps to ease the embargo in 2009 by allowing Cuban-Americans to visit and send remittances to the island. He also cleared the way for telecommunications companies to establish licensing deals in Cuba. But the administration has not pushed publicly for any significant changes since then.
The Castro regime has not helped. For the last four years it has imprisoned Alan Gross, a State Department contractor, for distributing satellite phone equipment to Jewish organizations in Cuba. Mr. Castro should release Mr. Gross and the numerous other political prisoners. But at the same time, Mr. Obama should press Congress to end the embargo and overhaul policy toward Cuba.

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  1. Hwy is the embargo a failed policy?Because the embargo has never been enforce the proper way.We are not sanctioning the European countries that trade with Castro and we are allowing 476 000 Cubans annually to travel to the island to sustain the regime with their dollars.We then wonder the reason why Castro has remained in Power for 54 years?If the Helms-Burton embargo would has been enforced the right way,the Castro regime would has ceased to exist long ago.Who are the ones that will benefit from the lifting of the embargo?Castro, which for Sure will get richer and at the end the populace will languish in misery the same way we are.
    We pursuit an Embargo against Somoza,Batista and Pinochet,dictators which had murdered far less people than Castro,however we failed to pay any attention to the crimes committed by Castro and the American left laugh portraits Castro as a benevolent leader.The problems is like I have said before that the world see only the crimes committed by the right but pretend not to see the crimes committed by the Left.The solution to the Cuban dilemma is in everyone’s hands and is easy to resolve if the politicians stop worshiping Castro and enforce the embargo the correct way.

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