Elian Gonzalez Now Just a Castro Mouthpiece 1

His mom died in 1999, trying to get him to freedom in the U.S.

By Joseph Perkins / Orange County Register

Elizabeth Brotons Rodriguez died in vain. Fourteen years ago, she decided to flee communist Cuba with her 6-year-old son, Elian. She wanted the boy to grow up in the United States, a land of freedom and opportunity.

The day after leaving Cuba, the small boat ferrying Elizabeth, Elian and 12 other Cuban refugees capsized off the coast of Florida. Elian’s mom drowned. Her boy was rescued at sea by two Florida fishermen Nov. 25, 1999.

The U.S. government placed Elian in the custody of his great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, a Miami resident who sought asylum for the boy. The request was challenged by Elian’s father back in Cuba, who parted ways with Elian’s mom when the boy was 3.

Elian’s great uncle warned that if the boy was returned to Cuba, he would be used as a propaganda tool by the Castro government and would be subjected to involuntary indoctrination in the tenets of communism.

Elian’s father, backed by the Castro regime, argued that his parental rights trumped any other consideration, including the wishes of Elian’s mother, who died trying to get her son away from Cuba.

In the end, the Clinton administration sided with the communists. And the fears of Lazaro Gonzalez have since been fully realized. Elian, now 20, is, indeed, a propaganda tool for the Castro government. And the young man has indeed been indoctrinated in the tenets of communism.

The prima facie evidence is Elian’s visit this week to Ecuador for the World Festival of Youth and Students, during which he said that Washington – not Havana – was responsible for his mom’s watery death.

“Just like her,” said Elian, “many others have died attempting to go the United States. But it’s the U.S. government’s fault. Their unjust embargo provokes an internal and critical economic situation in Cuba.”

That’s exactly the kind of anti-American pronouncement to be expected from Elian, 14 years after his repatriation to Castro’s Cuba.
Upon his return to the island, he immediately became a Young Pioneer (the Cuban equivalent of Nazi Germany’s Hitler Youth). Then he “joined” the Young Communist Union. Then he “enlisted” in military school.

Now he’s a propagandist for the Castro government, invited to deliver a keynote in Quito, at what CNN describes as a “left-wing conference,” and at which more than 10,000 young Communists like Elian will “discuss global struggles against imperialism.”

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  1. Do you remember these hypocritical comments?
    “My hope is that people will look at this little boy and get him into a situation where he can live a normal life without television cameras and the world in his face.” Janet Reno, CNN, Jan. 13, 2000.
    “Although the Cuban government previously had referred to an unspecified period of “transition” for the boy, it has said repeatedly that it does not plan to turn Elian into a political “trophy” but that it will send him back to his hometown to live a normal life.” Washington Post, April 18, 2000.
    In this photo

    on May Day 2002, Elian stands next to Fidel Castro, while his father, stepmother and stepbrother are at the distant right end of the image.
    More on the Elian case here:

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