Good Day For Castro Collaborators in Huffington Post 2

Barack Obama and Raul Castro: More Than a Handshake?

By Arturo Lopez-Levy

Nelson Mandela, even after his death, promoted peace and reconciliation among nations and civility between leaders. His funeral has brought about the refreshing image of Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama, of Cuba and the U.S., greeting each other.

The struggle against apartheid was a cause that gathered many around the world. The African-American university student Barack Obama and the thousands of Cuban soldiers who went to Angola were among them. Mandela inspired them and thanked them all for their contribution. Barack Obama and Raul Castro were on the same side of the South African conflict, Mandela’s side. They had common adversaries like Senator Jesse Helms, author of the insignia law of the embargo against Cuba, and the loudest voice in the racist and reactionary resistance against American repudiation of apartheid.

A gesture says more than a thousand words. Obama behaved in accord with the dignity and protocol that comes with leading a democratic superpower. The handshake would not have been extraordinary without past deviations by the U.S. from all diplomatic norms in its policy towards Cuba. In Mexico in 2002, then-president George W. Bush put President Vicente Fox on the ropes by demanding that Mexico arrange the Monterrey summit in a way that he did not have to greet Fidel Castro. Fox asked Fidel Castro to speak, eat and leave before Bush arrived. When Fidel revealed their phone conversation, Fox’s decision to genuflect toward the North caused a crisis in the relations between Havana and Mexico City.

Article continues here: Barack Obama and Raul Castro: More Than a Handshake?

Change With Cuba in President Obama’s Hands

By John McAuliff

There has never been a more propitious moment in the spirit of Nelson Mandela for President Obama to make an historic change in U.S.-Cuba relations. As I wrote in a previous post, Judy and Alan Gross have given the White House the moral authorization, if not obligation, to negotiate with Cuba to achieve Alan’s release. Two-thirds of the Senate have given it the political space by signing a letter initiated by Senator Leahy.

Cuba has just reaffirmed in friendly language its readiness and the parameters for agreement (exact text here). The content is not new but in the current context is tantalizingly suggestive of the choice facing President Obama.

Cuban President Raul Castro has called for “civilized relations” with the United States, saying the two countries should respect their differences.

Article continues here: Change With Cuba in President Obama’s Hands


  1. Mandela was not a freedom fighter,he was a terrorist member of the communist ANC. The Soviets were instructing Mandela because the soviet’s aim was to control the diamond trade which South Africa was a leader and the Soviets themselves were competitors in the diamond market.Cuba expressed support for Mandela because the Soviets ordered him so.Cuba was fighting in Angola as a proxy nation representing the interests of the Soviets.Contrary to what the left is saying Mandela was a terrorist who became friend of Gaddaffi,Hussein,Castro and others besides of been an opponent of the United States during cold war.Cuba is in nee to be guided to the right direction which is democracy,the appeasement of a dictator is not going to resolve anything except for the dictator to play us like fools and to continue in power.During the 1940’s Hitler was appeased by Lord Chamberlain,and Hitler which like Castro was a manipulator occupied half of the world and provoke the Second world war.

  2. The liberals has turned the wold opinion in to believing that every issue that was rebuked in the past as an abominations,those issues are portrayed as acceptable,for instance When has anyone seen the History channel
    playing the crimes committed by communism?or when has they played the real Mandela and his support during the cold war of communist regimes?Castro has been played by the liberal media as a benevolent leader who turned communist because
    the opposition from the US Government when in reality Castro is a Murderer.

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