Cuba Lauds Administration’s Softening – Continues Pressing For Spy Release 1

InSerbia Independent News reports that senior MINREX official Josefina Vidal Ferreiro is pleased with the latest migration talks, declaring, “The talks have taken place in a pleasant and respectful environment.” The Belgrade-based news agency noted that Vidal Ferreiro again called for the US to release the Cuban Five, to which Edward Alex Lee, the Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US State Department’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs,told reporters, the US delegation “took note.” Lee was also cited as claiming President Obama is “open to seeking a new relationship with Havana.”

One comment

  1. The four spies are going to serve their sentences.US is not going to free the four spies until they have completed their sentences.I really don’t know why the Castroids are insisting?Why don’t they allow Cubans to have free elections?Why don’t the Castro brothers leave Cuba once and for all?We give them the four spies and the Cubans should give us the Castro Brothers so we can prosecute them for committing crimes against humanity and for violation of human rights,murder and torturing of Cuban citizens.That would be a fair trade, the Castro Brothers for the Cuban four.

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