London to Host International Commission Hearing for the Cuban Five 2

Havana, Cuba, Jan 15 – The International London Commission on the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters, who were given unfair prison sentences in the United States, will have a significant impact on the US administration in favor of their release, according to organizers of the event. The Commission, to take place March 7 and 8, will hear the testimonies by key witnesses from Cuba and other countries on the cause of Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and René González. They were arrested in 1998, in the US city of Miami, after they monitored violent organizations that planned terrorist actions against Cuba.

Only Rene Gonzalez has returned to the island after he served his prison sentence and renounced his US citizenship. Gonzalez is expected to attend the Commission session to offer his testimony of the Cuban Five case, which was manipulated in biased Miami court that gave the Cubans extremely long sentences.

The president of the UK-Cuba Solidarity Campaign Rob Miller said that the Commission will be attended by renowned world personalities, such as US writer and Pulitzer Laureate Alice Walker, actors Martin Sheen from the United States and Emma Thompson from the UK.

Also on the list of guests is lawyer Martin Garbos, who has been part of the defense of the Cuban Five, along other lawyers from around the world who will make up the Commission that will hear the testimonies, such as the expresident of India’s Supreme Court Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal, ex-magistrate of South Africa’s Constitutional Court Zakeira Mohammed Yacob, and former president of the Supreme Court of France Phillippe Texier.

For Miller, the Commission will be one of the most significant events in the long record of the Cuban Five case. He said that thanks to the support of many personalities from different countries, the conclusions of the commission will have a strong impact on President Barack Obama, who can use his constitutional powers to put an end to the injustice being committed against the Cubans.

The commission will hold sessions at London’s Law Society on the initiative of the campaign known as Voices for the Five. As part of the event a music concert will be launched at the Barbican Hall in London with the participation of renowned Cuban singer Eliades Ochoa and other musicians form several countries. (Cuban News Agency/Radio Havana Cuba)



  1. The commies never give up,they are always exploiting the useful idiots.The Cuban campaign of misinformation continues,trying to influence those that have not taken a second to reflect on what is right and wrong and rather
    allow the communist system to think for themselves instead of them doing their own thinking.

  2. What the world needs to see is the real reason why the Wasp network was brought down.The Castro communism is using their usual victim role for decades. the five were caught along with fourteen others planning acts of terrorism against United States of America.Castro as usual has created a campaign to misinform the world to portrait their terrorist spies as victims when in reality they were officers of the DI trained for years in the world of Espionage.Communism is a threat to democracy,Cuban communism is a present threat to democracy and is lamentable that Intelligent and Educated Americans have fallen under the Smoke screen created by Ana Belen Montes which said that the Castro communism was not a threat to the United States of America and to Democracy in General.Cuban Espionage is a real threat to the free world.

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