Foreign Tourist Thanks Cuban Government For Apprehending Purse Snatcher 1

A few days ago, Havana Times published a story about the December 2013 robbery of foreign tourist “Emma Scopes.” In the feature, HT quoted Scopes as saying:

“The efficiency of the police was also truly astounding“

“…the police were able to catch the man who took my bag and return my possessions. By the time the police returned with the perpetrator in hand cuffs…”

“So a huge ‘thank you’ to the police…”

Such are the simple joys of a tourist visiting a national security state.

Read the entire propaganda piece here: My Experience Being Robbed in Cuba


One comment

  1. Some people can’t get it,the majority of Cubans are against the Castro regime,the same police agency that helped this lady is the same one that torture and beat dissidents on the Cuban streets.The majority of Cubans are humble people except the dogs of the Ministry of the Interior and those brainwashed serving the Cuban regime.In Cuba policy reacts faster because they do not operate under a democratic umbrella. whatever they do,they do it arbitrarily without the procedures that any regular police force in any free country will follow. In Cuban constitution there is no first Amendment much less a fifth amendment,so the Cuban police operates in whatever way they wish to operate to satisfy the needs of the tyrannic regime
    that they represent.

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