Letter: Hit Cuba in Pocketbook to Help Free American 1

By Fernando Dominicis, FloridaToday.com

My congratulations to Public Interest Editor Matt Reed for his recent interview with Rick Townson, author of “Hotel Fidel Castro: An American’s nine years in the Cuban gulag.”

During the interview, it was mentioned that Cuba has been holding Alan P. Gross, a Maryland-based contractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development, on patently false espionage charges, in the hope he can be swapped for five confessed Cuban spies imprisoned or paroled in the United States.

As should have been clear from the beginning of this ordeal, Gross is only coming home when his Cuban captors realize the cost of continuing to hold him outweighs the benefits. The only way to make Cuba feel the cost is to hit it in the pocketbook, which means rolling back such signature administration initiatives as liberalized travel to Cuba, which puts desperately needed hard currency in the regime’s coffers. If Judy Gross’ lawyers want to take on the administration, that is where they need to focus their efforts.

The sooner the Cuban government sees fewer cash-carrying U.S. visitors to subsidize its control of the Cuban people, the sooner Alan Gross will be reunited with his suffering family.


One comment

  1. I agree,let’s cut the traveling to the island of Cuba, I have mentioned it before.Let’s begin enforcing the embargo the way it was intended to be enforced,let’s also fine those countries and people that commerce with the Castro regime and in two years you will see the crumbling of his corrupt regime.

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